Know the PBA Facts

Know the PBA Facts
Have you ever heard of PBA?????  Me either, until I heard someone at my doctor's office speak about it.  

PBA stands for PseudoBulbar Affect.  It is a medical condition characterized by sudden and uncontrollable episodes of crying or laughing. So lets not think that everyone who laughs uncontrollably is crazy or everyone who cries uncontrollably is depress. 

Happy 3rd Birthday @VO2Mujeres

We just wanted to acknowledge the The Voices of Two Mujeres 3rd Birthday.  Time does fly!!!

We can't believe it has been three years since we started this blog.  We must confess that lately we have not given it the TLC that it deserves.   Unfortunately sometimes our schedules get in the way and it does not permit us.  Nevertheless, this blog is special to us.  We both have plenty to be thankful for in our own arenas, and we give thanks to everyone who have supported us during these past years.

Third Latino's Walk Against Cancer

We will be supporting the Latin Faces organization in New York City, this coming Sunday, October 6, 2013.

For the past two years we have been present at the Latino's Walk Against Cancer - walking towards a Cancer FREE future.

The Latin Faces organization was founded by breast cancer survivor, Fary De Leon. She has channeled  her energies into a mission in which she helps empower other women conquer cancer.

L.U.C.E.S. -Latinas Unidas Contra el Cancer del Seno (Latinas United Against Breast Cancer)

 L.U.C.E.S. (Latinas Unidas Contra el Cancer del Seno) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization whose mission is to raise awareness to the Latino community on the prevention, risks, signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

L.U.C.E.S. believes that through education, informative workshops, events and resources will be able to bring light on this disease that affect our mujeres.